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Tane Lane Super Session (HiFi) Tane Lane Super Session (LoFi)
German Tane Purple Lizard

A synth-y stew of pulse and pop ...

Purple Lizard

Brother Rabbit (Altoona) 1970 Brother Rabbit Travelin Friend (at Fred Shmincks' Studio) 1970

Brother Rabbit
Demo #1
(at Sound Recorders)
Travellin' Friend
I Never Thought I'd Love You
Hunga Dunga
It's Time

Water Witch 1974/1975 The Bump! Which Way To Go and Travellin' Friend Real Normal Joe 1977
Reverb Demo 1998-05-14  

Bittersweet: 2006-02-26

Song for Adam (from Bittersweet) Doctor My Eyes (from Bittersweet)
Holy Smoke: 2008/2009  
Cloud 9 (from Holy Smoke) Cool River (from Holy Smoke)
Right Where I Wanna Be (from Holy Smoke) Betrayal (from Holy Smoke)
Miss Leesa Sing Us A Song Radio Orange
Forgotten Ones Skyline Drive