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Tane Tunes Presents:

Tane Lane Super Session

Tane Lane Super Session began with the goal of recording some original songs that Freddie and drummer Bob German had been working on-and-off through long-distance collaboration.

When the opportunity arose to have Bob visit Tane Lane, and the seasons and stars aligned to have available great players like Steve Geller (Bass), Ralph Sacco (Vocals, Trumpet) & Ralph Delucia (Guitar) do recording at Tane Lane Studio, well, here are the results!

4 original songs, 5 covers, and an intriguing musicians-viewpoint interview by Zina Tane!

We hope you'll enjoy the recordings here on Tane Tunes !!

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[Freddie Tane, Steve Geller, Ralph Delucia, Bob German, Ralph Sacco]


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