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Freddie Tane began his interest in music with piano lessons at age 9, but was influenced by exposure courtesy of older cousins (thank you Dan and Judy!) to Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Laura Nyro, the Lovin Spoonful, Buffalo Springfield, Hendrix and the Beatles to take up Acoustic and Electric Guitar. Making his way with music, FT brought his "soulful folk-influenced blues'n'rock" feel as lead/rhythm guitarist and harmony vocalist to recording groups, club bands and touring show bands.  First brushing with success with Brother Rabbit, based in Mount Vernon NY, the band recorded a demo with Adrian Barber (Engineer for Cream) but the group was not picked up by the record company. 

FT's pursuit of rock'n'roll fame and fortune was sketchy  through the 1970's, quality-of-life and music being sometimes uneasy companions, but he continued to keep the music flowing, often working as musical director and accompanist for many types of singers and musical styles, amongst them  Water Witch, City Lights, JoAnne Dumas Revue, Jimmy Jackson, Moonstone, Haven and The Buffy Groves Trio.

The 80's began with more close calls with success, taking the band Bear from Washington DC to New York, but the stars just not being alignment!  FT chose to keep working in music, highlighted by revisiting rock'n'roll's 50's roots while blazing trails across the highways and Holiday Inns of America and Canada with Bill Haley's Comets.

He was the Tane in McDonnell*Tane, a folk duo popular in the early 90's throughout the Northeast coffeehouse and singer-songwriter circuits, hitting concert stages with a clean simple 2-voices 2-guitars sound and some great original songs, to open for various music legends such as Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, Suzanne Vega, Jonathan Edwards and Arlo Guthrie - helping fuel the (Second) Great Folk Music Scare of the 1990's.  

A brief stint of bookings in 1995/6 as a solo acoustic act produced some interesting live tracks but the quality of available recording gear was not providing results comparable with "the way it sounds live".

His  interest in the digital recording revolution and other experiential production pursuits  (see continued through the turn of the century, and the '00's found FT more involved in rock'n'roll combos working the classics from the Great American Rock'N'Roll' Songbook and occasionally doing acoustic solo guitar shows.  Partnership with Zna Tane brought a more grounded and balanced view of life and music - love will do that to you!

Continuing to play live gigs has always been satisfying and the latest covers club band is Radio Orange - rock'n'pop'n'soul'n'roll  and eclectic classic rock!  Great music from Steely Dan, Allmans, Boz, Dave Matthews, and lots more people-pleasin' artists!

Obsession with pedal steel guitar has kept FT busy, playing with the classic Country & Western of The Forgotten Ones and more modern Pop Country with Skyline Drive.

A tech-nerd obsession with technology has led to the establishment of Tane Lane Studios , where FT collects and uses lots of great gear, recording bands and singer-songwriters and other musical projects.

FT's instruments include acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, piano, organ and electronic keyboards and pedal steel guitar.

Among the motto's keeping FT sane have been:

Through adversity, we aim for the stars ...

Make Use of Whatever Advanced Technology is Available ...

Art is Long - Life is Short - Be Happy and Enjoy the Spirit of Music!

My favorite Gibson...