Tane Lane Super Session: Beach Time!

Welcome to Day 7 of Tane Lane Super Session - the third original song of the project - "Beach Time!"

Lyrics and Music by Freddie Tane

Arrangement by fT, Steve Geller, Bob German, Ralph Delucia, Ralph Sacco

Performed by Ralph DeLucia (Lead Surfin' Guitar), Ralph Sacco (Trumpets, Trumpets, and More Trumpets), Freddie Tane (Cheesy Organ, Rhythm Guitar), Bob German (Drums), Steve Geller (Bass), Zina Tane and Zoe Fenn (Beach Time Voices)

[Zoe Fenn] Photo by Zina Tane (c) 2020
Recording of Beach Time! (c) 2020 Tane Tunes. Published by Tane Tunes, BMI